The Downfall of Waiting on a Workout Partner

Here we are, half way through summer and a lot of people are still stuck on their “summer body goals” image. But how many people really took the time out to work toward that goal?

Way too often,bgwt I hear friends and see people on Instagram saying that they want a body goal, but they’re waiting for a gym partner. Yes, I get it. Having someone with you may be motivational and a lot more fun. However, when you are trying to lose weight or tone up, you are doing it for your body. So why do you feel the need to have a gym partner? In fact, some people are so determined to have a gym partner first that websites like BuddyUp have been created to find gym buddies.

When I told myself I had a goal of losing 50 pounds (which I lost), I had different people that would join me time to time in the gym, but when the fell off, I never allowed myself to. Depending on a gym partner is only setting yourself up for failure. I won’t anyone down for having a gym partner that is consistent and motivational. However, I do not agree with anyone that feels that they cannot reach their goals without a gym partner.

Psychology demonstrates through the Köhler Effect that if a single member performs bad, it can affect another’s perfrmance too. With that, would you want to be stuck with a partner that constantly has excuses that will eventually rub off on you? All workout partners aren’t like this, but if you wait to find a partner to work out with and he/she is a bad one, it will only slow your journey down.

Here are some specific reasons as to why you can begin your workout journey alone:

1. Did you really partake in the kind of workout that you wanted to accomplish?

Yes, you have someone to die with while you’re on that treadmill for what seems like hours of sweating and heavy breathing. Yet, when you are losing focus due to gossiping, talking about issues at work, or simply catching up.

2. What you consider a good workout may not be a good workout to your partner.

While you may like to run, squat, and do weights, someone else may only like to do a lot of cardio. You cannot let what your partner does limit your workout. They may not do enough or your physically fit gym partner may do too much. It is always about what works best for you.

3. Ultimately, working out is about your personal end goals.

You may only want to work out long enough to lose the 20 pounds you’re aiming for or you may plan on making the journey a lifestyle. On the other hand, your gym partner may just workout to burn off the bad lunch he/she had that day. Therefore, it is best to work out alone because the two of you may be on different paths.

Lakeitha Duncan is my favorite example of working out, solo. Through her Instagram and Facebook, she documented her journey to losing 100 pounds on heldr own. When she started almost two years ago, she had no workout partner, but her self-motivation is what drove her positive outcome. Now, Duncan has almost 60K followers on her Instagram and people desperately want to know how she did it when all it took was going after what she wanted, alone. We constantly see social media posts about why you need a partner to motivate you, but it truly starts with self-motivation.

The idea of not having a gym partner should never be an excuse for why you don’t workout. You must step out of your comfort z
one to reach your goals, and if that includes going to fun workout classes or the gym by yourself, then so be it. Throw on some trendy athletic clothes so you can get that goal body you want by yourself, for yourself. Trust me, when they see your results they’ll come running to join you.


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