Celebrities Who Give Us Gym-spiration

It’s one thing to see familiar faces in the gym everyday, dying on the Stairmaster next to you, or cringing for that last set of squats. It’s a different type of motivation when you see your favorite celebs getting fit. No, I’m not talking about just promoting detox tea. I mean really getting fit. A lot of celebrities take their fitness journey to Instagram to show fans that they can take a hour out of their day to not be glamorous, so why can’t you? Here are some celebs that motivate us on a daily basis.

1. Khloé Kardashian – @KhloeKardashian

Khloé’s transformation is one that has really gotten a lot of fans off their butts. The now fit Kardashian often posts photo and video footage of her workouts, proving to her followers that she is constantly working toward keeping her body. Khloé even wrote a book that documents a lot of her fitness journey, “Strong Looks Better Naked.” In this book, she reveals what she ate during her journey, workouts she did, and her struggles with her weight that led her to her fitness journey. It’s safe to say, Khloé is a huge inspiration to get in the gym and get working

2. Angela Simmons – @AngelaSimmons

The fashion designer, fitness guru,  and philanthropist Angela Simmons is a daily fitness inspiration on her Instagram page, even after revealing her pregnancy to the world. Simmons was never a heavy girl, however she has committed herself to being the best possible version of herself. Working with trainers and sticking to strict meal plans, Angela proves to be in the best shape of her life as she flaunts her body in tiny two pieces and body con dresses. Simmons is even dedicating herself to working out while pregnant, so just imagine how fast her snapback will be.

3. Mo’nique – @TheRealMoWorldwide

You may remember her from the show, The Parkers or from her own show that stopped airing in previous years, but this mom of twins who has lost a tremendous amount of weight is beyond inspiring. Her Instagram page is mostly made up of videos where she shares her workouts, from emulating Beyoncé’s Superbowl 50 routine, to doing high intensity dance moves with her trainer. Mo’nique sends a message out in all of her videos to motivate women. Most of the time it’s a simple, “Let’s go sistas, get up and do something. Just move!” Regardless of what it is, it’s safe to say Mo’nique is major inspiration and she continues to shed weight and look amazing.


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