MOD Magazine // Assistant Styling with Mia Tucker Williams

During my time as an assistant fashion stylist I worked alongside Mia Tucker Williams to style editorials and a cover for the October/ November issue of MOD Magazine. Name show in credits as Styling Assistant: Asia Ware.  


ESSENCE Beauty Box Social Media Campaign

One of my responsibilities as a college ambassador was to run social media campaigns for brands that I was assigned. One of the major brands I worked with was ESSENCE Beauty Box. I was responsible for showing the products and having a certain amount of consumers sign up for a subscription. From March 1-April 20 … Continue reading ESSENCE Beauty Box Social Media Campaign

Celebrities Who Give Us Gym-spiration

It’s one thing to see familiar faces in the gym everyday, dying on the Stairmaster next to you, or cringing for that last set of squats. It’s a different type of motivation when you see your favorite celebs getting fit. No, I’m not talking about just promoting detox tea. I mean really getting fit. A lot of celebrities … Continue reading Celebrities Who Give Us Gym-spiration

Welcome to the Girl Boss Generation – Published on ESSENCE.com

Why the young women of today are winning the girl boss game. Girl bosses are here to stay. While there's nothing wrong with office life, we can all agree that working from bed, on your own schedule, sounds a whole lot better. Just ask a self proclaimed "girl boss" - a savvy, female entrepreneur paving … Continue reading Welcome to the Girl Boss Generation – Published on ESSENCE.com